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Learn how to use technology to improve your business performance and efficiency.Network with decision-makers from leading companies and organizations.Gain insights from industry experts and thought leaders.Develop a strategic plan for the future of your business.Gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the digital economy.Network with the most influential people in the Microsoft Platform world.Discover the latest trends and technologies that are transforming business.Build a better future for your business.
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BUSINESS STAGE speakers and topics

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Ilya Fainberg

Ilya Fainberg

Sr. Program Manager @ Microsoft
Power Platform R&D

21 Ways to Infuse Power Platform Apps with AI

Bot Framework, AI Builder, Power Virtual Agents, and ChatGPT are just a few of the many AI offerings available in the cloud today.


But how do you use them all? Should you use them all? And when?


We will discuss 21 ways to use AI when designing, building, and running your Power Platform applications. From simple examples to enterprise-scale solutions.


In this session, we will cover:


  • State of AI in Power Platform, Azure, and beyond
  • Available AI solutions and what they are for
  • AI-enabled architectures
  • Using AI to build apps


Tomáš Prokop

Tomáš Prokop

Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect | Microsoft MVP

Beyond the Hype – Lessons on Power Platform

Tomáš will share his experience with developing small applications and huge transformative solutions. He will introduce us to specific client experiences with both Power Apps and Power BI. His session will offer valuable insights for managers who plan to maximize the potential of the Power Platform in their organizations (or are already working on it).


From small applications serving a handful of users to critical applications that transform the work of thousands, Tomáš will share his experiences – the good, the bad, and the scary.


He won’t be alone. He will be joined on stage by a long-term client experienced in working with multiple providers of Power Platform technologies. Together, they will demonstrate what is good, what is bad, and what is very bad. No script, just raw experience.


They will demonstrate how to go from an idea to a working application. They will share tips and lessons learned from small and large projects. You’ll hear about the smart decisions they’ve made themselves, as well as the mistakes they’ve made and learned from.


Konica Minolta
Tomáš Pavlíček

Tomáš Pavlíček

ITS Vertical Product Manager


Aleš Fukal

Aleš Fukal

Director of ECM Solutions


Pilots, Builders and Robots. What do they have in common?

Can Power Platform help teach pilots to fly airplanes? Or build a house faster? Can Power Platform play a pivotal role in these cases?


This presentation will offer an exploration of unique scenarios that relate to two specific customers and specific challenges. It will showcase custom-built verticalized solutions that have met their highly specialized requirements.


In this context, the speakers will open the question of the potential of AI assistants, which can be incredible thanks to the use of data generated by tools built in the Microsoft Power Platform ecosystem.


Be sure not to miss a demonstration of how the Power platform can truly empower and transform any industry.


Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech

Lucie Beranová Šulcová

Lucie Beranová Šulcová

Power Platform Stream Lead


Tomáš Kutěj

Tomáš Kutěj

CEO @ manica


How to navigate the world of Power Platform: The path from a personal to a professional solution.

In their presentation, Lucie Šulcová and Tomáš Kutěj will reveal strategies for successfully mastering the Microsoft Power Platform. Learn how to effectively navigate the path from personal projects to professional and functional solutions.


Applications can be created by virtually anyone within the organization. However, approaches to individual types of solutions differ. What to focus on when managing them, what not to forget and how to get the most out of them?


Join Lucie and Tomáš as they delve into the intricacies of Power Platform solutions. Gain insight into managing different types of applications, learn key strategies for success, and uncover key factors that can make or break your Power Platform efforts.



TECHNOLOGICAL STAGE speakers and topics

Carefully selected topics evenly covering individual Power Platform technologies

Angeliki Patsiavou

Change Manager
Business Applications MVP | UN Women UK

Silence of the technical lambs: When you don’t speak up for user experience

How exciting is it to design your first home? You get to personalize it and make it a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Just like that, you can also create a business application to suit your users’ needs. A grand design to connect them to the business vision.


But what if your business application was put together based on decision-makers’ egos? What if they did not understand their end users’ needs and your app development team decided to stay silent? Despite the best intentions for your grand design, it all goes wrong. So, you are stuck in endless retrospectives, tech debt in your future sprints, and some very disappointed stakeholders.


In this session, let us take you through a tour of our digital app dollhouse where things have gone all sorts of wrong for users. From low adoption to jargon-filled custom fields to inconsistent process flows and anything in between, we are here to explain it all. A cautionary tale for all your business application projects. Remember, all good things are to those who wait.

Paul Andrew

Co-Founder & CTO @ Cloud Formations
Microsoft MVP

How Can Microsoft Fabric Have an Impact on Your Business?

All this talk about Data-Ware-Lake-Delta-Beach-House-Lakes (or some combination of that) and Data, Yarn, Fabric integration, everything has got a bit… Meshy! Yes, my friends. The beat of the technology drum is certainly relentless. And with no limits to cloud scale and huge innovations from the biggest brains. Two years, it seems, have become the benchmark for tools to live and die by. Reach three years and you almost have a mature product. That said, Microsoft Fabric, the latest offering from the global software giant is no exception.


But what does this mean for the real world? For the data analysts, engineers, and scientists that need to continue answering everyday problems to inform business decisions.


In this session, we will firmly ignore the hype and focus on reality. With the pragmatic view of an experienced architect. The problem of gaining insights from our data hasn’t changed. So, what does this mean if implemented using Microsoft Fabric? What, why, and how is the tooling going to change our daily deliverables in the short term, medium and long term? Join me for these answers and more as we explore the impact of Microsoft Fabric-Server, erm, and Power. Resource. Thing!

Tom Riha

Tomas Riha

Business Process Automation Consultant
Microsoft MVP

How to like your flow in the long run

If you’ve ever felt the initial excitement of creating flow, only to be met with the frustration of nothing working as it should, this session is for you.


Tomáš will provide practical advice backed up by real-world examples. He will show you how to ensure the dependability of your flows. You will learn what basic factors must be considered, what questions to ask yourself during the creation process, and how to seamlessly integrate the knowledge gained into the processes.


You will discover which elements are required for success.


You will gain valuable knowledge that will assist you in building better flows and avoiding unnecessary headaches in the future. Prepare to leave with renewed faith in creating flows and the knowledge to turn your Power Automate efforts into a source of joy, both now and in the future.


Jan Hájek

Jan Hájek

Technical Lead @ NETWORG
Microsoft Azure MVP

A developer’s guide to the low-code world

Get ready for a refreshing session in which Honza will focus on collaboration between pro-code and low-code developers. Whether you are involved in developing applications or managing development teams, this lecture is for you.


Jan will focus on the potential of creating, connecting, and querying various data sources (API) within the organization and how to use them not only in model-driven but also canvas applications. In addition, he will demonstrate how to effortlessly create tables in Dataverse using different data and explore the huge possibilities of custom connectors in Power Automate.


Discover with Jan the seamless integration of both worlds in application development!


Ioana Bouariu

Ioana Bouariu

Senior BI Consultant @ Amesto


Power Up Your Power BI: Unlock the Magic of Automation with PowerShell and become a data wizard

Do you consider yourself a Power BI developer, but the thought of coding, PowerShell, and cmdlets makes you freeze? Do you think that Power BI is a powerful tool, but feel like something is missing? Are you tired of spending hours manually publishing, updating, and maintaining your Power BI reports? Want to add some fun and reduce errors, while you sit back and relax? The answer you seek is here. I’ll show you how to harness the power of PowerShell to automate your Power BI workflow and take you out of your comfort zone.


In this session, I will take you through the journey of how to use PowerShell scripts to automate common Power BI tasks, from report deployments to data refreshes, parameter changes, and security management. I’ll show you how to navigate the “danger zone” of coding in PowerShell and take your Power BI game to the next level, even for those who are new to it. With some real-life business use cases that I’ve come across, you’ll see how automation can simplify your daily Power BI tasks. Plus, you’ll learn how to use the Power BI REST API to programmatically access and manipulate data in Power BI, allowing for even greater automation possibilities.


Let’s Power up your Power BI, and add some magic to your Power BI journey with automation.

Odeta Jankaitienė

Odeta Jankaitienė

Data & Analytics Consultant @ Macaw


Mantas Umbrasas

Mantas Umbrasas

Power Platform Developer @ Macaw

Double Power: Power BI and Power Apps Integration

Power BI is an exceptional interactive reporting tool, while Power Apps excels as a business application development tool. Individually, they boast great capabilities, but their true power emerges when used in tandem.


By combining Power Apps and Power BI, you unlock unparalleled potential. Power Apps bridges the gap in Power BI by enabling data writing into data sources. Conversely, Power BI reports in Power Apps empower business users to transform data into actionable insights directly within the app.


This session will demonstrate step-by-step instructions and numerous demos on leveraging these tools together. Afterward, you’ll possess the knowledge and skills to seamlessly integrate them, unlocking their full potential for your business.

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